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about us

Suncraft Garden Rooms is a reputable company with over 40 years of experience in various building projects. They have designed and built numerous garden room builds throughout the Scotland, ranging from Ayrshire to Aberdeen, showcasing their expertise and experience in garden room design and construction.

The company carefully designs and plans each build, including standard builds and bespoke builds, with input from customers regarding the design and specifications of their individual project. Every building is built to a high standard, and only the best materials, such as Western Red cedar, are used for the job.

Our unique steel rod system saves on concrete and provides a level base for our garden rooms.

The Western Red cedar is a preferred material for Suncraft Garden Rooms not only for its beautiful colouring and patina but also for its built-in preservative qualities and minimum shrinkage and movement once fixed into position. Similarly, the rubber membrane roof covering has a long lifespan of over fifty years.

Suncraft Garden Rooms’ portfolio boasts a variety of garden room projects, including home offices, music and TV recording studios, treatment rooms, home cinemas, games rooms, ceramic and art studios, business premises, children’s playrooms, home gyms, teenage pads, summer houses, pool rooms, swim spa spaces, and meditation spaces.

Being a small family-run company, Suncraft Garden Rooms is highly competitive and able to offer excellent quality and value for money due to its low overheads. Customers’ first point of contact, whether by phone or email, will be James, Karl or Emily, James and Karl will be involved in the build process, making sure the project runs smoothly and on schedule from the first site visit to completion.

Suncraft Garden Rooms offers a full satisfaction guarantee with 10 point quality check providing customers with reassurance of the quality of their work. The company also has public liability insurance in place. The team of craftsmen at Suncraft Garden Rooms is highly qualified and intelligent, and care is always taken to respect customers, their property, and their neighbours. The company is always happy to offer advice and accommodate changes throughout the build process.

Considering a garden room build ? Contact us today to begin you free estimate process.